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If you have been arrested under the State of Texas state smuggling statutes. We are dedicated to aggressive representation of your case.

We handle cases for arrests in Val Verde, Kinney, Maverick, Uvalde, Sutton and surrounding West Texas counties. Hire a firm that has experience in dealing with the prosecutors in these counties on a weekly basis. 

We protect the rights of clients across the state of Texas and, increasingly, in jurisdictions throughout the country. We have a strong commitment to zealous representation. 

We'll always take the time to get to know you and to learn the unique details of your situation, as well as your objectives, so that we can tailor our counsel to get the outcome you want. It's a team effort, though—we'll work closely with you at all times, keeping you fully involved and informed, so that you know where you stand, know what your options are, and can make intelligent decisions about how you want to proceed.

We provide a free initial consultation in most areas of our practice. Contact us online or call our office at (830) 206-5010 to make an appointment.

Our firm is equipped to represent those accused of transporting persons when it results in injuries or car wrecks. This firm has experience in handling criminal cases involving "bail-outs" and "high-speed chases". Sostenes Mireles II PLLC has experience if dealing with complex cases that result in injury or death. 

The potential statutory range of imprisonment for a case involving death or the risk of death is life in prison. 

Experienced defense counsel is critical in defending your rights. 

Experienced defense counsel in Federal Court is critical in avoiding common mistakes made by many criminal defense attorneys that lack experience in Federal Court.


While many states in the U.S. are taking a more lenient stance on the possession of drugs, Texas has become known for doing the opposite, implementing especially harsh laws and penalties. Nowadays, being found with even a tiny amount of what is designated as a “controlled substance,” such as marijuana, can land you in JAIL.

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time will land you in jail. In the eyes of the court and law officials, however, this does not matter.

Never admit anything to the police, since your words can be used against you despite your best intentions.

Instead, immediately contact the Law Offices of Sostenes Mireles II, PLLC. 

We are aggressive advocates.

We serve clients throughout ALL OF WEST TEXAS, from Fort Stockton to San Antonio, from Houston and Dallas.

Sostenes Mireles II has handled cases in most of Texas' highly populated counties. 

Possession with Intent to Distribute or Sell in Texas

Being charged with possession is bad enough, but many officials tend to exaggerate the claims and increase the severity of your charge by turning it into a charge of “possession with intent to distribute or sell.” Prosecutors will pounce on a chance to make your conviction harsher by adding the element of “intent” to distribute, sell, or traffic drugs, which bears the penalty of being a felony.

Sostenes Mireles II, PLLC Is Here for You

At Sostenes Mireles II, PLLC, we focus on Federal and State Criminal Defense. We are also here to help with complex Custody and Divorce trials. Se Habla Espanol.

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At Sostenes Mireles II, PLLC, we focus on Federal and State Criminal Defense. We are also here to help with complex Custody and Divorce trials. Se Habla Espanol.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.