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  • State v. __________; Man charged with Assault Family Violence acquitted and found NOT GUILTY after a three (3) day jury trial.
  • State v. _________; Man charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child - NOT GUILTY after a five (5) day Jury Trial.
  • State v. A.C. - Aggravated Assault - NOT GUILTY Client was charged with aggravated assault by using or exhibiting a deadly weapon. Sostenes Mireles was successful in arguing self defense and the client's right to stand her ground. After a few hours of deliberations the Defendant was acquitted.2013
  • USA v. _________; Woman charged with federal charge of possession of over more than 5 kilograms of methamphetamine released in September of 2018 after a jury reached a verdict of NOT GUILTY. 2018
  • Cause No. 11526; State v. M.M. - Aggravated Assault - NOT GUILTY Accused won this trial before the jury was set to deliberate. After two days of trial Attorney Sostenes Mireles moved for a directed verdict and was successful in arguing the legal application of relevant case law.2013
  • State v. ____ ; Man accused of stalking acquitted of all charges.2014
  • Cause N0. 9113; State of Texas VS. N.C. (County Court, Kinney County, Texas 2011)
  • Cause No. 12449; State v. J.M. - Animal Cruelty - NOT GUILTY Attorney Sostenes Mireles defended a man accused of animal cruelty.  Jury found client NOT GUILTY.2013
  • Cause No.10685; State of Texas v. _____; Young man wrongfully accused of improper touching while working at a day care was acquitted of all charges.2014
  • Cause No. 10-227-CR; State of Texas VS. Mario Alberto Hernandez (County Court at Law 2010)
  • Cause No. 13072; State v. ___________  Teacher accused of improper touching of multiple students. Complaining witnesses testified and through effective cross examination obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict.2016
  • Cause No. 11803; State v. B.E. - Indecency with Child - NOT GUILTY Man charged with indecency with child was acquitted of all charges.  2013
  • Cause No. J-12-02; Aggravated Sexual Assault - NOT GUILTY Young man confronted his accuser in Court and was acquitted of all charges against him. Alleged victim testified and several inconsistencies in her story raised reasonable doubt to acquit the Accused. The accused took the stand and denied any wrongdoing in a this criminal tough trial.2013
  • Cause No. 11443; State of Texas Vs. A.G.( 83RD JUDICIAL DISTRICT 2009); Man charged with possessing over 50 pounds of marijuana was aquitted of all charges and released. 2009
  • Cause No. 13304; State v. ____________ Man accused of indecency with child by touching. Alleged victim testified. Verdict of NOT GUILTY returned by Jury.2016
  • USA v. ___________; Woman accused of transporting more than 5 kilograms of Methamphetamine was acquitted. Verdict of NOT GUILTY returned by Jury September 2018. 


  • Twelve (12) consecutive NOT GUILTY verdicts in state District Court.2010

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